All flavors are made in our production lab where we also make products which contain milk, gluten, eggs, and nuts.

This is the list of the current flavors selection reserved for our GIO Club members. GIO Club members can change their selection anytime. For a complete list of our flavors, check the GIO Flavors page. 

White Mint Chip Gelato
The White Mint Chip gelato is refreshing and digestive. The peppermint’s intense aroma penetrates the palate, making this a flavor to be enjoyed at any time of the day, especially following a meal. 

White Chocolate Gelato
White Chocolate gelato is pure white in color, with a creamy texture and delicate flavor. It has a harmonious aroma and a wonderful smell of fresh milk and natural vanilla.

Mixed Berries Gelato
An ‘orchestra of berries’ would appropriately depict the convergence of strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries into a sublime autumnal symphony.

Salted Caramel Gelato
Typical Italian cream gelato. It's made with fresh eggs from free-range chicken fed by local farmers with natural and healthy food.
This gelato is enriched with salted caramel sauce made with Maldon sea salt. Expect a rich and intense flavor.

Bacio Gelato
Gianduja gelato, an Italian recipe of hazelnut and chocolate gelato swirled with chocolate cream and  hazelnuts

Coconut Gelato
An all natural coconut flavor done with coconut milk, water and sugar.

Cappuccino Gelato
This flavor mixes espresso and milk. The composition mimics the fluffy texture of the popular drink, which looks like the friar haircut, and from which it gets its name.

Chocolate Gelato 
Rich, transporting, 70% cocoa chocolate and organic whole milk is sure to captivate any fans of the exotic seed.

Dairy Free Chocolate Gelato
Ideal for lactose intolerant gelato lovers. Rich, transporting, 70% cocoa chocolate and oat milk is sure to captivate any fans of the exotic seed.

Prickly Pear Gelato
The Prickly Pear Gelato has digestive and purifying properties, thanks to the unique qualities of prickly pears. It has a pleasant taste, sweet scent with hints of color that can vary according to the fruit.

Sour Cherry Chip Gelato
The famed 'Visciola di Cantiano' is a sour-cherry variety growing only in the Italian Mid-East, which is where we source the ingredient. This, along with creamy chocolate paste broken into chips and fluffy fiordilatte, create a sweet entropy of flavors that will exalt your palate. 

Stracciatella Gelato
Stracciatella is a classic Italian gelato flavor. This flavor is where creamy meets crunchy. Stracciatella is a base of cloudy milk gelato, or ‘fiordilatte’, to which liquid chocolate is added, in the Bergamasco way. 

Pear and Chocolate Gelato
Fresh Williams pear with chocolate gelato. Made only with naturally sweet and fragrant pear. This gelato is enriched with 70% dark chocolate. It's a refreshing and tasty flavor.

Banana Gelato
An all-natural banana flavor done with fresh bananas, water and organic sugar.An all-natural banana flavor done with fresh bananas, water and organic sugar.


Evergreen & Seasonal Flavors 

GIO Gelato Club members can change their selection of gelato flavors online at any time. Periodically we introduce new healthy flavors based on what the season is offering and accordingly to the creativity of our Gelato Chef Patrizia.